Security Engineering & Development

Modern technology exists in an often complex and possibly hostile environment. We build capabilities that are defensible and resilient

As an organization, development, security and operations (DevSecOps), are core to addressing unfolding development and operational activities.

phia brings the DevOps know-how and mindset to maximize security in connecting all technology disciplines. We excel in testing potential security exploits and building operationally driven security services. Our ability to execute DevSecOps ensures security is “baked in” rather than afterthought. We believe it is critical that security is present in every stage of the software lifecycle, from development to delivery. This consideration is key to reducing overall cost while continuously meeting compliance.

  • SAFe and Scrum Agile
  • Leveraging SAST/DAST Techniques in Agile Environments
  • Applying White/Black Box Techniques
  • Reverse Engineer/Fuzzing and Advance Detection of Vulnerabilities
  • Application of coding standards, systems standards, best practices, and frameworks into the development and systems lifecycles
Cloud Solutions

More and more enterprises are moving their operations to the cloud to maximize mobility, collaboration, resiliency, and scalability.

The complexities of operating in the cloud are unique and, ultimately, can cost an organization more than just money. Our team of engineers, with cloud expertise across various Government and commercial client spaces, can assist with moving your operations to the cloud securely and consistently. We identify intelligent and practical solutions, as well as implementation approaches best suited for your organization.

  • Work in major cloud providers of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS solutions including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google
  • Custom development and implementation projects within the cloud
  • Integration, Development and Deployment within Cloud PaaS (Office 365, Google Workspace, Oracle Cloud)
  • Cloud Identity Management Solutions (Azure AD, Okta)
  • Cloud Security Solutions – CASBs, Monitoring, Zero Trust and Application of Traditional Solutions (EDR, SIEM, Analytics, Network Data Collection, Firewalls, Forensics, etc.)
Capability Development & Integration

Nothing comes off the shelf ready to go. Even the best commercial solutions often require some form of integration into modern cyber environments. Indeed, as an organization matures, the need to develop and integrate a capability increases significantly.

Many of our largest enterprise customers find commercial solutions that do not adequately address their needs and requirements. phia has helped both commercial and Government clients build custom capabilities to support their unique mission needs. We work to tailor and integrate capabilities to achieve greater overall success. Our experience, our company’s and our team’s passion for cyber, combined with our real-world operational expertise, inform our capability development and integration projects.

We have helped organizations build highly scaled client network forensics platforms, including integrating large commercial solutions such as Splunk, RSA Archer, and various EDR solutions. Our team has developed custom SOAR and TIP projects and enhanced vulnerability management data collection tools with commercial solutions. Our work has included supporting the integration of various disparate platforms to form a single pane-of-glass for multiple stakeholders. It takes hard work and expertise to develop and integrate capabilities to provide valuable information for users.

  • Custom network and endpoint forensic introspection platforms
  • Integration of enterprise commercial solutions: eGRC, vulnerability management, EDR, SIEM, SOAR, and TIP
  • Custom development capabilities in network collection, SOAR, and TIP
  • Automation and integration work for Government clients crossing multiple security domains
  • Operationally informed background in capability development and integration
Orchestration & Automation

In any operational environment, effectiveness and efficiency are two core objectives. phia provides expertise to streamline and automate singular tasks and arrange a multitude of tasks into optimized workflows.

These tasks and activities span an organization’s core security analysis processes, disparate tools, data analytics, and complex workflows during cloud infrastructure implementation. Through this orchestration and automation, DevSecOps and operational maturity can be adequately realized within an enterprise.

  • Development and integration of solutions over disparate APIs
  • Design and deployment of SOAR solutions
  • Development of custom SOAR/TIP solutions
  • Implementation of security solutions with integration to workflow systems
  • Implementation of workflow automation solutions
Infrastructure Design & Operations

Most organizations, large enterprises and Government clients in particular, will not be completely cloud-centric. Legacy and even new infrastructure will exist on-prem as well as off-prem, creating complex hybrid environments.

Clients need support to properly consider the dynamics of a mixed world with hybrid infrastructure in their design and operations. phia and our teams have been providing cyber infrastructure design and operations for over 20 years, working with a wide variety of clients. Our clients have included Global 100 companies and Government enterprises with infrastructure supporting over 4.5 million users spread across the globe. The experience with such complex operations and infrastructures allows our passionate experts to support any organization with its particular infrastructure challenges throughout the systems lifecycle.

If your organization is facing new design and operations challenges, be it in cloud infrastructure, traditional on-premise, or even austere and unique infrastructure environments, phia can assist you. Our work with USPS, DOD, DHS, Sony Group, niche DOD field/travel operations, and even local state counties can help your organization through its challenges within infrastructure design and operations.

  • Legacy infrastructure design and operations
  • Hybrid and complex infrastructure designs for enterprises
  • Support of both cloud and on-premises infrastructure
  • Complete systems lifecycle experience and capability
  • Remote and distributed infrastructure
  • Austere, field and travel operations infrastructure design and operations support

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