phia was formed with a simple strategy: complement cyber, intelligence and technology expertise with passion and commitment.
Break Stuff
Cyber Assessments

See what the bad guys see.  We provide tailored analysis of our clients’ cyber environments utilizing a variety of frameworks informed by threat intelligence and operational realities. At phia we believe the only way to really know something is to break it before the bad guys do.

Find Badness
Cybersecurity Operations

We utilize proactive analytical techniques in our intelligence-driven, operations-informed approach to identify and counter both common and highly sophisticated threats. In collaboration with our partners and clients, we prioritize defenses for the most significant threats, drive down response/recovery times, and secure business operations.

Build Stuff
Security Engineering & Development

We build resilient cyber solutions designed to resist and counter advanced cyber threats by leveraging industry standards, best practices, and insights from cyber operators. 

Cyber Wisdom
Advisory Services

Technical solutions are more than the sum of their parts – they are glued together by strategy, policy, process, and people. We provide the right expertise and insight to enable an organization’s projects and ensure mission success.